Bee Joy

At some point, most of us have heard of the health benefits honey provides, but honey is not pollinated equally. Cultivating a healthy, pesticide-free and delicious crop is something Christopher Carlberg, founder of  Hallelujah Honey has accomplished.  In 2009, the creator of Hallelujah Honey began rescuing bees and working with other beekeepers to safely coordinate live removals of bees as a part of a sustainable rescue effort. 

The global team members of Hallelujah Honey organized in Southern California.  They have found the most efficient methods to growing, pollinating and harvesting honey.  Made "by the bees, for the bees", this honey is an important environmental and health-conscious addition to your household.  Swing by Eikon or call for a jar of Halleluja Honey and taste the joy of community. 

Bee joy, 

Eikon Team

Image via Hallelujah Honey 

Image via Hallelujah Honey 

Posted on January 30, 2016 .