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Eikon Home opened in Spring of 2007 in Old Towne Orange- a Historical district in North Orange County.  It was important to be located in a cool building and not a strip center! After 10 wonderful years, I decided to close the store in Spring of 2017.  It was time to begin anew creative endeavor. 

In June 2017 I opened a smaller version of Eikon Home- still in Old Towne Orange- located in the Tea Leaf Cottage.  This allows me more time to explore other creative and personal endeavors. 


My first "spark" for the store goes back to my college years when summers were spent working at Disneyland- mostly in New Orleans Square, I was fortunate to work in the One of a Kind Shop, which sold fine European antiques, accessories, and objects.  As an Art History / Graphic Design student, I was fascinated and eager to learn. 

After graduating, for many years I was a graphic designer and later art director - then went on to positions in business and healthcare.  I have always viewed my life as a journey and everything before prepared me to open EIKON HOME. 

I have much gratitude to be living when we can have more than one career in one lifetime.  And to be able to do what I love.  Design, the art of gift giving, and style - all have great importance to me. 

Be Well